About Me

I’m Jennifer, hi. 

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing online therapy to clients all over the state of California!

I truly love my job. I’ve worked with victims and survivors for years, and in many different settings and stages of their healing. Sexual and relationship violence has entered my life before, in addition to many close family members and friends. I connect with clients from a place of personal experience and solidarity, which makes clients feel seen and heard.

I believe it is never too late to heal, grow, or change. I am extremely passionate about these topics and in my personal life I do my best to work to dismantle the structures that uphold violence and hatred in our communities. I believe in being a therapist AND an activist and that someone cannot be a safe therapist without challenging systemic oppression. I assist clients to explore how systems are impacting their health and how to disrupt this impact, rather than adjust to living beneath it.

This is the work I do every day, will you join me?

Photo by Charles on Pexels.com

What do I do?

So, what actually happens in session? This depends on a lot of things, including what a client wants to work on.

  • Strategies to help with symptoms, such as flashbacks, trouble sleeping, self-blame, rumination, feeling on-edge, anxiety, and so on
  • Processing of emotions, events, beliefs
  • Education about trauma, the body and the brain
  • Working through difficult decisions
  • Preparing for future challenges
  • Self-exploration and acceptance
  • Hopefully some laughs and pivotal moments
  • Also, I can provide EMDR or Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing virtually!

Also, I frickin’ LOVE books, especially as sources for healing.

Check out my book list for clients!

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