Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Do you take insurance?

Answer: No, in order to provide the best therapy services possible, I do not take insurance. My fee is $175 per individual session, and $250 for couples session. I have multiple reduced-fee slots, which are all currently full. As more clients pay full price for sessions, I am able to take on more reduced fee clients.

Question: What do you mean by ‘sexual and relationship violence’?

Answer: In very general terms, I mean anyone who has experienced harm in any sexual manner or within a relationship. This could be sexual assault, rape, incest, childhood sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and emotional, physical, economic, psychological abuse by a partner. Unfortunately, these experiences come in many shapes and sizes and this list is not exhaustive.

Question: Do you see clients who do not fit that criteria?

Answer: YES, I see clients outside of this specialty often. Even if you feel like this does not apply to you, that is ok and I am happy to discuss what you would like to work on in session.

Question: What is EMDR?

Answer: EMDR is Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy. You know how your eyes move back and forth when you’re in deep REM sleep? Turns out that those eye movements are actually really important for the extremely necessary benefits that sleep gives us–learning, integrating memories, processing events and emotions, and so much more. Francine Shapiro (founder of EMDR) discovered that we can mimic these benefits while we are awake (!) and use them to help heal traumatic memories. You can find more information here, and if you are interested in EMDR we will definitely discuss more.

Question: How does virtual therapy work?

Answer: Each session you will get a secure link emailed or texted to you. A strong wifi connection and a private space is necessary. Other than that, virtual therapy is pretty much the same as in-person therapy! Clients have told me that they find video sessions more convenient and user-friendly.

Question: What if I can’t come every week?

Answer: That is totally ok, however it is best to meet weekly at least for the first few weeks in order to get to know each other and jump start the process. This is something we can definitely discuss and customize.

Question: What will the first session be like?

Answer: Sessions are 50 minutes long, and we decide together how long and how often we meet. The first session is usually an introduction to therapy in general and some review of paperwork. My goal is to get a sense of what factors have led you to this point in your life, and what you would like to see change. We get to know each other!